People, People, People…

Take a deep breath… breathe in the good air, breathe out the bad air. Feels better, right? Now eat some food– just enough, mostly plants– rest, sweat, hydrate. Keep breathing. Stand up and stretch. Mmmm, good.

A couple of notes on this site:

I get a lot of comments, and it’s taken some time to figure out how and what to post. Those that make me reconsider or rethink, those that extend or trouble my own taken-for-granted assumptions, are easily the best, and up they go. Those that respond to the post or to a thread, yup. Just flipping out without regard to anything said or posted seems silly, and I mostly pass on those. For example, lots of traffic on the presidential race, and lots of assumptions about where I stand and who I’m “backing,” all wildly uninformed, none of it based on what I write (as opposed to what’s written about me).

So, I try to balance the love and the hate on the comments here, just so we can all see what’s out there, but I feel no obligation to post everything flying my way– get your own spot and rant on. All whining about “censorship” is automatically out– the first amendment constrains the state (the government shall make no law…) but does not insist that Fox, to take an example, has to hand the mic to anyone who asks. I also can only read a fraction of what gets posted, so I’m sure I miss a lot. Sorry, but that’s it.

Keep breathing…

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