While they’re stealing teacher pensions: How the 1% lives!

Excerpt from Fred Klonsky’s blog:

White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf pays the State of Illinois $1.5 million a year for using The Cell.

On a good weekend he probably sells that much in beer.

He got that deal from former Republican Governor Jim Thompson. Thompson headed the Illinois sports authority, which owns The Cell. Need I tell you that Jim and Civic Committee President and former Illinois Attorney General Ty Fahner are close pals.

Fahner created Illinois is Broke, the Civic Committee front group that is going after teacher pensions.

If Illinois is broke, it ain’t because a retired teacher is making 48 grand a year.

It is because Thompson, Fahner, Reinsdorf and the rest of the one-percenters use the state as their personal playground.


Like when Jerry used the state owned, tax-paid-for Cell to throw a private birthday party for his buddy, millionaire Andrew Berlin.

I wonder if Mary, the retiring kindergarten teacher, whose sole income is her teacher pension, can throw a retirement party free of charge at The Cell?

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