A Simple Justice: The Challenge of Small Schools

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About the Book

Written by major players in the small schools movement, this collection of essays points to the ways school restructuring strategies connect to the ongoing pursuit of social justice. The editors bring together writers who are both educators and advocates for youth and who think changing schools can help change the world. Building bridges to their fellow educators, these essayists make powerful arguments in favor of smaller school size as an achievable reform goal.

From the contributors:

“Small schools provide a context in which social relations between and among youth and adults, school and community, parents and teachers, and among educators are imbued with respect, reciprocity, and commitments to a larger common good.” —Michelle Fine

“There are a host of irrefutable reasons why small schools are the easiest, most economical, and wisest single school reform idea around.” —Deborah Meier

“Instead of the distrust and hostility which typically characterizes parent-teacher relations, small schools make it possible for parents and teachers to work together through their recognition of their common interests in providing for the education and well being of children.” —Pedro Noguera

“Small schools have the potential to be powerful places for students to learn and for adults to grow and flourish . . .to be communities where social justice is practiced, not just talked about.” —Nancy Mohr

Quotes and Reviews

“At this moment of educational crisis, here is a refreshingly original and inspiring collection of ideas and information. A Simple Justice suggests a bold new approach to schools, one which recognizes the natural intelligence of students, the natural compassion of teachers, and the possibility of an education founded on a common commitment to a just society.” —Howard Zinn

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