Nelson Mandela Lives!!!

Nelson Mandela was referred to as a “civil rights leader” on NPR yesterday. Let the “Revise-All-History-to-Your-Liking-Festivities” begin!
Mandela was a fierce freedom fighter and a loving revolutionary who led the forces that toppled apartheid. He never called himself a “civil rights leader.” He was officially a “terrorist” according to the US government until long after the fight for freedom had been won. And as usual, those who opposed him and refused support when it would have counted, will invent a safe story of his life—one palatable to easy-listening Americans who want to be good, but not if it takes too much effort—and love that story to death.
If interested in the real reason Nelson Mandel went to jail for those many years, read his opening statement at the Rivonia Trial (Google it!)
Joy and Justice…Nelson Mandela Lives!

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