PUBLIC ENEMY on Thanksgiving (Thanks-taking!) Week

November 23, 2013

Monday, November 25th

7:00 pm – Harvard Book Store

1256 Massachusetts Ave.

Cambridge, MA


Tuesday, November 26th

7:00pm – Broadside Bookshop

247 Main Street

Northampton, MA

The deep-thinking wisdom of RUSH LIMBAUGH today:

November 23, 2013

“I mean, it’s true, folks. There’s no advise and consent. There is just consent. That’s all it is now. Fifty-one votes, Democrats have it. So if Obama wants to nominate, oh, I don’t know, Bashar Assad to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, there’s no stopping him. I’m just trying to give you an illustration. I mean, the only thing stopping him maybe is some Democrats who didn’t like that, but that’s it. Whoever Obama wants. Anybody can be a judge now. Anybody can be in the Regime. Even if there isn’t a need or a seat for them. They’re trying to expand the DC district court. They’re doing everything they can to get more judges on some of these courts so to always have a majority. If they want to make Bill Ayers a judge or Jeremiah Wright, there’s no stopping it now.”