Look Up!!

December 29, 2021


Stop the Cops, Fund Education, Health Care, Housing

December 27, 2021

Birthday party

December 26, 2021

Born on December 26, 1944.
What a time!
Joy and Justice


December 22, 2021


Stop the Recall

December 22, 2021


Free Leonard Peltier

December 17, 2021

Here’s a petition to Joe Biden to free Leonard. Please sign: can’t hurt, might help.

bell hooks: Rest in Power

December 16, 2021

bell hooks died yesterday at her home in Kentucky.

She was a bright light in dark times, an inspiration and a life-force for me and for untold others.I’m so sad to lose her.

For those of you who are teachers, Teaching to Transgress: education as the practice of freedom is essential reading; Teaching Community: a pedagogy of hope is also monumental.

For those of you who are (or who know any) men, read, The Will to Change: men, masculinity, and love.

Those of you who are lovers will love the delicious All About Love: new directions.

And for those of you who are human (!) Art on my Mind is a delight.

bell hooks matters!

bell hooks ives!

Light and Love! Bill

December 14, 2021

I’ll add one note to Mike’s excellent comment: Anthony Blinken bragged about the Free Press in the US, and underlined his enthusiastic support for independent media just as the Biden administration won a “victory” in a British court to extradite Julian Assange for telling the truth about US war crimes. Doublespeak!


Tim Black, Presente!

December 11, 2021

To President Biden

December 10, 2021

Dear President Biden,
I write to you at this time to express my grave dismay at your administration’s willingness to continue pursuing the extradition of Julian Assange, just cleared today by the British High Court to move forward. This occurred  just two days after Anthony Blinken  announced at the Summit for Democracy United States efforts to support independent journalists and reporters targeted for their work. Unfortunately, the hypocrisy of that statement is made clear by the obvious fact that you are continuing to prosecute an individual whose only crime is telling the truth, regardless of how unpleasant that truth is to our country. Therefore, I am respectfully calling on you and your Justice Department to immediately and unconditionally drop all charges pending against Julian Assange and release him. I wish to remind you that the Obama administration, where you served as Vice-President, dropped these charges due to the “New York Times Problem”. If Mr Assange is successfully prosecuted on the charges as they now stand there it will set a precedent that puts all journalists in jeopardy and will provide cover for oppressive regimes around the world to do the very same thing. Release Julian Assange NOW
Vinnie De StefanoFounding MemberAssange Defense LA
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