Free Bradley Manning!

1984 is not some random hypothetical notion, or some abstract and distant possibility, or simply a fascinating metaphor—1984 is a reality; it’s upon us; Big Brother is watching you, and everyone knows it.

And now comes Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Wikileaks, and Anonymous (among others) to provide an indispensable service: they are representatives of We, the People, delegates of the sovereign citizenry. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are our people watching them watching us.

As we work to stop the growing militarism and the steady descent into barbarism, to dismantle the surveillance nation and to annihilate the carceral system and the garrison state—it’s the hackers and the whistle-blowers, the leakers and the truth-tellers who help us to wake up, open our eyes, pay attention, and, yes, to act upon whatever the known demands of us.

Thank you Bradley Manning! Thank you Edward Snowden!

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