NPR: National Pentagon Radio

NPR has long been home base for the Chicken-Hawks and the Liberal-Hawks, featuring sweet narratives about the lives of soldiers and their families, heart-warming tales of heroism and loss, soft-ball interviews with generals and military commanders, and cloying conversations with members of the administration about war and foreign affairs. There is never a probing line of questioning for the war makers, never a pressing question or a follow-up for a military man, never an investigation of who is making the big money in this state of permanent war, never a serious report from the victims of US military action, never a series on why the US (constituting less than 5% of the world’s people) has a trillion dollar war machine—larger then all other countries on earth combined. The current moment has allowed NPR to reach a new low. For them the issue about the US bombing Syria is not human life or human rights; it’s not a serious look at the various proxy wars (the US and Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Israel/the US and Iran, etc) being fought with Syrian lives; it’s not the growing isolation and decline of US power. No for NPR the issue is framed in terms of honor and commitment and credibility: the president drew a red line, they point out again and again, and Congress must now muster the courage to break the gridlock and support the president.
Dishonest and despicable.

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