Letter to a Liberal Hawk

The good news is that the choice is not between dithering and unleashing US military power. There are ALWAYS alternatives.
If you support US military action, what exactly are you for? Taking out gas supplies? It’s super-dangerous and not even on the table. Degrading Assad’s air force? It will matter little. Arming Al Qaeda or the other fundamentalist fighters? I doubt it. Invasion? Occupation? How will you know when we’re done?
Why not go to the UN? Putin will block anything, you say. So what? Make the world forum a bully pulpit. Organize! This also makes sense in the long run since the next humanitarian atrocity is as predictable as rain. Why aren’t you thinking ahead to the building blocks of global order and sanity? For example, get your fucking government to join the International Criminal Court, submit to its authority, and refer violators there.
There are a thousand steps to take now—and if you fail to take them, or even try, the next set of videos will have you once more hauling out the heavy stuff.
Last week you were urgent for US violence to begin. I urged you to think of 100 action alternatives that would not be US bombs. Here’s one you or I might have thought of last week, but didn’t: Syria could put all its chemical weapons under international control. You didn’t think of it even though it was there to be thought of. It might prove useless, but OK: now think of 99 more.
The point is you imagination is being eclipsed by the war mongers and the liberal-hawks. Resist!
Your historical references actually prove my point, not yours. Take Rwanda—the UN generals on the ground begged France or GB or the US to jam Radio Rwanda. It was a non-violent partial solution to a genocide—estimates are that hundreds of thousands of lives might have been spared. I guess “we don’t do pinpricks;” the masters of war need to break bigger things.
Now, please get busy with 99 non-violent steps the US could take, and 98 steps (I already gave you 2) that will make the next crisis more actionable, the response more effective.

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