Some weird praise and crazy threats!

Here are some comments earned by my last memoir, Fugitive Days. I’m girding myself for the coming barrage when Public Enemy hits the streets in October, sharing these with you now:

Bill Ayers is a total genius; he writes like Ernest Hemingway…Brilliant.  Donald Trump, newsmaker

I’m just a curious American…I’m curious to know how Bill Ayers wrote this book. Sarah Palin, curious American and serious troublemaker

A serious student of literature, Ayers has written thoughtfully on the role of the first person narrator in the construction of a memoir…To be sure, there are other postmodernists in Chicago, but few who write as stylishly and as intelligibly as Ayers. Jack Cashill, author, Deconstructing Obama

[W]allows in familiar Marxist incitement. David Horowitz, poster boy for New Left apostasy

[Ayers committed] absolutely, I mean literally, incoherent and reckless acts in the name of nonsensical beliefs. Todd Gitlin, self-appointed CEO of the Sixties, Inc.

An unrepentant New Leftist. Alan Wolfe, scholar

[Ayers was] play-acting with violence. New York Times, newspaper of record.

And more of what people are saying about me:


He’s that unrepentant domestic terrorist…Bill O’Reilly,

You are a despicable, sordid sack of elitist shit. Anon. Houston, Texas

I’m coming to get you and when I do, I’ll water-board you.

The poster boy for un-Americanism…Sean Hannity

Resign all and leave the country or you will be whacked. Joe Americo, Boca Raton, Florida

May you die a long slow and painful death. I’d kill you with my bare hands given the opportunity. Anon. Fresno, California

Please come to South Mississippi and speak…Keep staying public.  I would love to give you what you deserve. AND I WOULD NOT BE STOPPED.  (

My friends and I will pay a visit shortly. We’ve got the address. (

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