Eduardo Galeano: Open Veins in Latin America.

The 1% went collectively ecstatic and typically nuts when the brilliant Uruguayan writer and thinker said in an interview at a book fair in Brazil that he found the prose he wrote more than 40 years ago “extremely leaden,” and that over these decades “reality has changed a lot, and I have changed a lot.”
It’s a far cry from these mild comments—from the criticism of earlier writing and style which every author I know shares, to the self-evident statement about change—to the claim of the New York Times that he “disavowed” the book, or to a right-wing Cuban exile blogging that “Galeano Corrects Himself and the Idiots Lose Their Bible.”
I have no use for Bibles in any form, but if you want to understand the sorry state we’re in and the intensifying crisis ahead, Open Veins is worth revisiting. Beautifully written—with some leaden prose no doubt—passionately felt, wise in a thousand ways, it offers a powerful indictment of imperialism and the escalating destruction before us. Get it from Monthly Review Press.

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