45 Years!!! From old friend and fellow freedom fighter Bob Tomashevsky

Days Of Rage, Bringin’ The War Home!
This Wednesday Oct. 8th , is the 45th anniversary (Wow! Where did those years go?) of the Bring The War Home/Days Of Rage demonstration/riot in Chicago! There are many points of view about what went down but none would deny that it was a demo like none other. It inspired many folks around the world and here in the mother country of amerikan imperialism. Hundreds of brave young folks took the streets ready to make a statement that could not be ignored in support of the Vietnamese and other 3rd   world anti-imperialist struggles. Frustrated by U.S. genocidal tactics and the continued lies of both the Dem. and Rep. Parties, people prepared to risk their white skins and bodies to fight on a new level for what had been the all too “comfortable” non-accomplishing protest movement. We in sds and weather had uneasily evolved to the understanding of the necessity attacking the symbols of “business as usual” mentality.  It was a proud moment in amerikan rebellious history! So give a toast and lift a glass of libation to all those women and men who swallowed so many fears of life and limb to support the anti-imperialist struggle!
    Given that the world today is in dire need of immediate changes just to survive, it is with deepest hope that folks will be newly inspired to find ways to challenge both amerikan imperialism and corporate greed.  To save pacha mama it will be necessary to act in ways that cause enough disruption so that there might still be some hope for this planet’s inhabitants!
                         Salud! Venceremos! Occupy Everywhere! Keep on keepin’ on!
cc Marion Delgado

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