Hoja de Lata en Espana

One of my wondrous publishers in Spain is Hoja de Lata Editorial, a small press born in the spirit of making a virtue of necessity. Encouraged by this unique moment, they’ve recently launched what had long been their dream editorial project, a label committed to offering evocative readings for uncertain times through two collections. The first is Sensibles a las Letras, narratives of successful contemporary authors, updated translations of works that deserve another chance, early works by new authors and unreleased classics. The second collection is Mecanoclastia, essays that can serve as thoughtful tools for the work and struggles ahead. Our endearing mechanical toys are mostly made ​​of tin, but Hoja de Lata aims to provide a catalog that will last over time, designed for the reader who knows what she wants and dares to bet on different titles.


Please spread the word to all your Spanish-speaking companeros, and visit Hoja de Lata here:



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