No Justice!

These are the facts: police officer Darren Wilson confronted an unarmed Black teenager named Michael Brown on a street in Ferguson, Missouri last August; Wilson fired a dozen shots at Brown and killed him dead; Mike Brown’s dead body was left on the street in the sun for 4 ½ hours before officials had it removed; and last night a grand jury concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Wilson on any criminal charges, or to find anyone else responsible for any actions in relation to Mike Brown’s death and mortification. Wilson is free. White supremacy wins another round. Mike Brown is still dead.

The pattern is repeated day in and day out: police use lethal force on Black and Brown youth, and they get away with it. It’s part of a system.

And the serial killers are still on the loose.

Here we are occupying City Hall in Chicago in a dazzling assembly led by the Black Youth Project—and joining millions around the world upholding the values of democracy and justice, solidarity and love.

No justice! No peace!

Black lives matter!Ferguson aftermath No Justice

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