Resign Rahm Emmanuel!

People ask: But can Rahm really be forced from office? The answer is YES, he really can and likely will be.
True, his narcissism knows no bounds, and his ego is as big as all outdoors—he won’t go easily or quietly. True, there’s no legal mechanism at this point. And true, he has a large set of lap-dogs on the city council licking his ass.
But never underestimate People Power. The city is not returning to “normal” and we won’t forget. The streets are on fire. The national Democrats are sweating it out, and it’s a matter of time before the long knives are out. Et tu, Hillary? And if the pressure keeps up and the demands for real structural change keep developing and deepening, the capitalist class will move beyond grumbling and say “Enough.” His high crimes and misdemeanors are egregious, but when the system shakes at its foundations, he’s gone. But it won’t be enough, and at that point we should escalate the fight for real, systemic change.
Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win!

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