Michael Kennedy, 1938-2016

Oh, Michael. You left us too soon, much too soon, and I miss you terribly. Thinking of the wild adventures together and how many times you saved us or sprung us, I feel a little naked and vulnerable without you. The world is better for your having been here with us.
Michael Kennedy passed away in NY yesterday in the arms of his family and his beloved Eleanora. Dear friend, wise counsellor, genius strategist, our fierce courtroom warrior, Michael was brilliant and fearless—he was comfortable living deep underground, the soul of an old Irish revolutionary dressed up as a proper gentleman. His radical instincts and his deep sense of justice were always awake and on-point, his love of life and his enjoyment of the vast carnival of humanity always engaged, his humor always enlivening and enlightening, often deployed to deflate the rich and powerful and encourage the riff-raff and the wretched of the earth.
Live on, Brother!

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