Letter from Naomi and Avi

We’re writing to ask for your support for an extraordinary movement we encountered in El Salvador while filming This Changes Everything. 
El Salvador has just declared a state of emergency around water: it’s an unprecedented recognition of the climate crisis (that includes the country’s right wing establishment) and a clarion call from that small country, which has long been on the receiving end of other crises precipitated by outside actors, especially the United States. 
Our connections are with the social movement based in the Bajo Lempa region – extraordinary leaders in grassroots democracy, who are building solutions that address global challenges like climate while restoring a balanced relationship with nature and putting local communities first.
One of our heroes and comrades in that movement, Estela Hernandez, is now a national politician – Estela has been tasked with designing a national plan to address the water crisis in her country.
In an inspiring example of South-South solidarity, Estela is helping organize a delegation to Vietnam, to share and learn lessons around mangrove restoration and coastal protection – a critical issue for both countries. Both governments are committed, but funding needs to come from outside to support representatives from the three community-based groups in El Salvador, who will meet with peers in Vietnam to share experiences and increase cooperation between the two countries  Will you help us raise $22,580 dollars to defray the delegations’ travel costs?
This is an historic opportunity to support a social movement in the global south (whose leaders have ascended to government) to find and implement its own solutions – to problems that our historic emissions have created.
We know there are many demands on your generosity, but we hope you can support this community-led response: we already have.
in solidarity,
Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein
Your contribution will help us empower local leaders to continue protecting their environments and advancing sustainable, community-based development.
Jeffrey Haas, Board Chair
Karolo Aparicio, Executive Director
1904 Franklin St. Suite 203
Oakland, CA 94612

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