The Pathetic Establishment, and the Myth of the White Working Class

I can’t predict what will come next, or how or when people will rise up—no one can—but the Democrat Party leadership’s post-mortem is already (only one week later) anemic, narcissistic, myopic, and wrong. They’re focusing on “clarity of message”—just like the warden in “Cool Hand Luke” they worry that “what we have here is a failure to communicate” as opposed to a real confrontation between power and oppression. They want to “refocus on the white working class,” missing the fact that “the white working class” is itself a fiction built with white supremacy, and that over three decades of bipartisan economic and foreign policy have brought us here: permanent war; a hollowed out economy; masses of people trapped in meaninglessness and dead-ends, many hurting badly, some of them wrapped in the delusion of American Exceptionalism as well as the ultimately destructive blanket of white privilege. My advice: Don’t listen to the Democratic Party, take a deep breath, turn off the commentary, think deeply, read differently, join hands, link up, notice that vibrant gatherings are springing up in a wide range of forms everywhere, and that the resistance is already available to you. Join in. We need to focus our attention on building a mighty mass movement opposed to white supremacy, American nationalism, war and empire, bigotry and scapegoating, xenophobia, hatred of women—a force  fighting to overthrow capitalism and build a society fit for all, a place of peace and freedom, joy and justice.

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