Making America Great Again, Step by Alarming Step:

Step 41: The US—breaking a shameful historical precedent with a significant (if entirely inadequate given US culpability) half-step— abstained from vetoing a UN Security Council vote condemning the Israeli settlement movement, in effect allowing the rest of the world a voice to state the obvious: Israel is an illegal occupier. The next day Secretary of State John Kerry (too little/too late) noted that Israel’s practice of seizing Palestinian land while denying Palestinian people equal rights cannot continue indefinitely; that occupation and democracy are incompatible; and that criticism of Israel’s racist and murderous policies is not anti-semitism. But Israel has no incentive to comply with Kerry’s moderate talking points—the US had just committed billions more in military aid, and that aid was greeted with unrestrained settlement construction. Donald Trump tweeted, “Stay strong Israel, January 20 is fast approaching.” Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who had been in full tantrum mode, stomping his feet and issuing threats, replied with a gushing thank you note, and the bromance escalated.

Step 42: When the Obama administration expelled Russian diplomats and imposed sanctions in retaliation for an alleged hacking incident involving the US national elections, Vladimir Putin had an unexpected response, announcing he would not respond in kind, descending to the level of squabbling, but would await a more reasonable Trump administration. Donald Trump tweeted that it was a “great move” by Putin. “I always knew he was smart.”

Step 43:  Donald Trump (with the full support of the incoming Republican leadership) has proposed a giant tax cut with YUGE benefits to the “makers” and the “job creators” (aka the richest Americans) with an average cut of at least $1,100,000 to the richest 0.1%.

Step 44: The Donald J. Trump Foundation announced that it planned to dissolve itself, but the New York attorney general’s office said, in effect, not so fast: “The Trump Foundation is still under investigation…and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete.”

Step 45: Eric Trump, the president-elect’s son, announced that he will have no role in the new administration and will immediately cease his practice of attending high-level business and political meetings—while he would still talk to his father about many matters, they would never discuss or even mention business affairs again, since Eric will be running the Trump businesses with his brother, Donald, Jr. and their dad is the conflicts-of-interest are staggering.

January 20 is close at hand, it’s true. No time like the present to rise up and resist.

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