Wise Words

(thanks to Rick Ayers for passing this along)

From Kweli Tutashinda, Berkeley, CA

At the end of the day ya’ll, you know it ain’t about the President. Some of us have been in this thing for over 40, 50, and even 60 years. Folks like DuBois, Matt Crawford, Louise Thompson Patterson, Grace Lee Boggs, William L. Patterson, Queen Mother Moore, Dr. Ben and many others, spent over 70 and nearly 80 years of conscious struggle, the bulk of their entire lives, fighting against racism, capitalism, sexism, and all the other ‘ism’s ‘ plaguing the world we live in.

We got excited for a minute at the prospect of a Brother in office and it made for good optics and an overall cool vibe-outwardly.

But we have to remember. The President of America has a job description and protocol just like anyone else with a job-keep America powerful with its foot on the world’s neck and wrestle as much money as possible from the world market. Period.

So, let’s return to our business of both trying to survive and topple this beast. No ups or lows. No crying or handwringing. No moaning and oh awing.

Just back to business and away from fantasy land and good optics.

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