From our son, Chesa

A generous donor has announced that all donations to Civil Rights Corps in November and December will be matched up to $100,000. Please help us reach our goal by donating now – I just did.
Earlier this year, we won a landmark injunction striking down Harris County (Houston), Texas’s money bail system. It was the first time that a money bail system has been subjected to the scrutiny of actual evidence in open court. Since our federal court injunction went into effect in June, well over 5,000 people charged with misdemeanor offenses have been released from the Harris County jail and returned to their families, jobs, and communities.
Your contribution will help us fight to protect the Harris County victory. You will also help us grow our newly launched Prosecutor Project, which recently filed a lawsuit against the New Orleans District Attorney, and continue our work fighting for bail reform in California, shutting down private probation in Tennessee, and challenging wealth-based revocations of driver’s licenses–just to name a few of our recent cases all across the country beyond what I’ve already written you about in San Francisco.
If you have followed our work seeking to end poverty jailing and to re-sensitize our legal system to the everyday injustice that it has normalized, please consider making a donation now. Your help will enable us to continue challenging the money bail system, debtors’ prisons, privatized probation, prosecutorial misconduct, and all of the other issues that our staff works urgently on every single day!

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