A Poem for Today

Disclosure Agreement

Tidal wave of sexual assault swamps all ships
Except the sloop The Rapist-in-Chief
Fondle women and children first!
Save the CEOs and their appetites
Tax the Students and tax the Poor
Tax the Women who give birth to the Poor
No abortions allowed
Rape is the judgment of God
Tax the Sun and tax the Stars
No climate can stop the Monster Storm
Tax the hope for Love
Reach under Liberty’s dress
And tax Justice until it explodes like a piñata
All the treats flying into the arms of bankers
Tax Black folks for crossing the street
Tax Black athletes until they cross the street
Crawling on their knees
Nothing is neutral not even the Net
We must pay for all of our lies
Or else we are not free to divulge our tears
The Great Orange Chief mumbles praise to Navajo vet heroes
In front of Indian killer Jackson
And quips Pocahontas
Consorts with neo-Nazis and flashes Hate Muslims
Remember D Day? It wasn’t Dick Day
Did he apologize for Access Hollywood
Or was it all Fake Truth?
Don’t matter, the Beast walks among us,
Need to zip up mouth full of lies
Greed keeps Congress Republicans young
Kid Ryan and the Old Turtle allow
The Nazis to frolic
The rich need to be made whole again
They need to own all and get away with it
North Korea awaits the Little Hand Bomb
Make America Vaporize Again
We’re on the cusp of erasing the Constitution
Even though it’s hard to rub out parchment
Much easier to delete cut and paste
Reality is not virtuous
Praise God and pass the mustard
Years from now, if we haven’t perished
We’ll have some explaining to do
It is happening here, right now
Alarms are going off
In Alabama and around the world
So, I’ve torn up my Non Disclosure Agreement
No NDA no delusions no jokes
Take your money back
Take your obscene stupidity
Take your vicious arrogance
Take all of it back
The time has come
I won’t shut up
Will you?

Hilton Obenzinger

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