Trump is no child!

Because of his petulance and distemper, it’s common for people to compare Donald Trump to a child. As an active father to a five-year-old (and somebody who has spent plenty of time babysitting, chaperoning field trips, visiting preschool and kindergarten classrooms, and hanging out with nieces and nephews), the comparison just doesn’t ring true to me. I understand that as an insult calling Trump a child has its uses, but as an attempt at analysis it misses the mark. In my experience, children aged 2-8 generally exhibit…
…a heartwarming capacity for empathy
…a strong instinct about the trustworthiness of authority figures
…mortification at the possibility of causing harm to others
…susceptibility to shame as a disciplining mechanism
…a willingness to display vulnerability
…curiosity about whatever surrounds them
…a profound desire to seek answers to complex questions
Donald Trump doesn’t have the mentality of a child. He has the mentality of a rich old white guy who has enjoyed a lifetime of unearned privilege.
~~Steven Salaita

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