Hollywood Will Not Save Us

March 9, 2018


My Lai: Never Again!

March 9, 2018


Hidden History: Immigration

March 8, 2018


Celebrate International Women’s Day— March 8!

March 8, 2018
This political moment challenges the deeply embedded cultural practices that have held women as inferior human beings, shackled by dehumanizing myths, objectified and dominated by others. Women who’ve been manipulated and controlled, forced to see themselves as passive objects but not the active agents and subjects of history, are standing up and speaking out. Men who believe in freedom must stand up as well.
When male politicians and commentators declare, “I believe the women,” let’s take responsibility for testing that hypothesis. Do they believe that women, non-binary people and trans-people should have control over their own bodies, should be able to make their own reproductive choices freely, and should they be free to express their sexuality in any way they choose? Do they think that people of all genders must receive equal pay, and have a living wage/stipend where needed? That no one should be forced to be married in order to access basic needs like health insurance and decent housing, as well as free child care while attending school or job training or work?
If we are to “believe the women,” we must acknowledge these structures of inequality that oppress and exploit them. Even as we fight against individual acts of sexism, let’s work to end the patriarchy and the structures of male supremacy.

On March 6…

March 6, 2018

On March 6, 1970—48 years ago today—three dear comrades died in an accidental bomb explosion in Greenwich Village, New York. Diana Oughton, Ted Gold, and Terry Robbins were former student radicals and faithful anti-war activists, by then revolutionaries dedicated to ending white supremacy and overthrowing US imperialism. They were also among the loveliest people I’d ever known—thoughtful and compassionate, engaged and beautiful. We pause today to remember their lives and to grieve their loss, to take responsibility for our shared shortcomings and mistakes, to honor their commitments, and to rededicate ourselves to creating a joyful and peaceful world powered by love.

Diana, Teddy, Terry—Presente!

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March 4, 2018

though its beak is still home. As if that weren’t enough—it keeps fidgeting!

Psalm by Wisława Szymborska

March 4, 2018

How leaky are the borders of man-made states!

How many clouds float over them scot-free,

how much desert sand sifts from  country to country,

how many mountain pebbles roll onto foreign turf

in provocative leaps!

Need I cite each and every bird as it flies,

or alights, as now, on the lowered gate?

Even if it be a sparrow—its tail is abroad,

thought its beak is still home. As if that weren’t enough—it keeps fidgeting!

Out of countless insects I will single out the ant,

who, between the guard’s left and right boots,

feels unobliged to answer questions of origin and destination.

If only this whole mess could be seen at once in detail

on ever continent!

Isn’t that a privet on the opposite bank

smuggling its hundred-thousandth leaf across the river?

Who else but the squid, brazenly long-armed,

would violate the sacred territorial waters.?

How can we speak of any semblance of order

when we can’t rearrange the stars

to know which one  shines for whom?

Not to mention the reprehensible spreading of fog!

Or the dusting of the steppe over its entire range

as though it weren’t split in two!

Or voices carried over accommodating air waves:

summoning squeals and suggestive gurgles!

Only what’s human can be truly alien.

The rest is mixed forest, undermining moles, and wind.

What Moral Theory Justifies Border Walls?

March 3, 2018