Fascism rising…

STATEMENT: http://bit.ly/2CGZd3s
VIDEO: http://bit.ly/2CwIAaE 
HASHTAGS: #StopHinduFascism #WHC2018 
DISRUPTORS: @mansik@taraghuveer 
Last night six young people disrupted the World Hindu Congress in Chicago. They were choked, kicked, and spit on by attendees. Watch this horrifying video that exposes the danger of global and Hindu nationalism http://bit.ly/2CwIAaE #StopHinduNationalism #WHC2018
Six young people put their bodies on the line to oppose the militant nationalism promoted the World Hindu Congress #WHC2018 and its attendees. Read their statement on the violence they endured and why they protested to #StopHinduFascism: http://bit.ly/2CGZd3s
WATCH THIS VIDEO of six young people disrupting the World Hindu Congress in Chicago last night. The crowd’s violent reaction tore the mask off the fascism underlying Hindutva ideology and similar global nationalist movements: http://bit.ly/2CwIAaE
The World Hindu Congress is a part of a growing global fascism. Six young people took a stand last night to #StopHinduFascism and disrupt systemic and state violence in the US, India, and worldwide. They were brutally attacked: http://bit.ly/2CwIAaE

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