Making All Black Lives Matter: Reimagining Freedom in the 21st Century by Barbara Ransby

Making All Black Lives Matter is an important new book by the brilliant activist/historian Barbara Ransby. In the spirit of the young Howard Zinn’s The New Abolitionists, a small but influential book about SNCC that was written and published during the last great wave of the Black Freedom Movement, Ransby’s book is an attempt to understand and amplify the current upsurge in the centuries-old fight for Black freedom. As with Zinn’s book, you can feel the serious historian at work with the ground firmly beneath her feet, but also the participant eager to record and urgent to make sense of this moment—this history-in-the-making. This intervention is a love letter to today’s activists as well as a healthy push to resist, reimagine, and rebuild a broad social movement against racial capitalism and for a world at peace and in balance, powered by love and justice. 

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