The Chicago Bungler

Since you asked (and many of you did)…

Most candidates for office develop big money “bundlers” to corral the Fat Cat donors, but this is strictly grassy grass-roots, and we don’t have any Fat Cats in the wings, or any access to big money whatsoever. Everything helps. I’m so out of my element here that I call myself the campaign’s Chicago “bungler”—add a ukelele, a tin whistle, and a cap to pass on the El, and I could be the first Busker-for-Boudin.

He really does need funds now—seriously—to hire staff and to catch up with the establishment and right-wing candidates.

So please give something—anything (but above $500 is off limits)—for the cause:


Make checks ($500 limit) payable to:

Chesa Boudin for District Attorney

60-29th St. #242

San Francisco, CA 94110

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