15 Years Ago, at the Academy Awards

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO TODAY, we were at the Oscars with “The Weather Underground,” nominated as Best Documentary that year. The night before, at a roaring celebration, the film-makers rehearsed their acceptance speeches, sadly never given because the film didn’t win. Bill passed away months ago, and Sam sent me these notes just now:
Sam Green: Shame on you Mr. President!!!! . . . . just kidding . . .
(big laughs)
Bill Siegel: A film like this only gets made with the help of hundreds of people. You know who you are. There’s no way we can thank you all right now – we’re not even going to try – but we are going to be thanking you every day for the rest of our lives.
SG: A former member of the Weather Underground once told us they didn’t set out to make a movie, they set out to make a revolution. And we want to dedicate this award to the revolutionary spirit.
BS: Please understand us. For us, that’s about compassion, not violence, and it’s definitely not about war, it’s about love. I have a two and a half year old son, and I love my boy with all my heart. And I want my boy to grow up in a world with much more peace and much more justice than the one we’re living in right now. And I’m hoping that this year we can all work together to bring the love home and begin making that world.
SG: And a great first step would be voting George Bush the hell out of office!
(thunderous applause! . . . or alternatively, deafening boos)

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