Chesa: The home stretch!


Bill —

The first public poll for the SF District Attorney race is out. We’re winning.

We already saw polls showing that voters disapprove of the undemocratic appointment of my opponent.  We already knew that our fundraising is beating every other campaign by a commanding margin. And, that we have ten times as many volunteers turning out to knock on doors.

This newest poll proves, beyond any doubt, that our momentum has put us in the lead. 

San Franciscans have already started voting, and today, we’re winning. But we need to make sure we’re winning tomorrow, and the next day, and — most importantly — on Election Day.

Today we’re winning, but we’re within the margin of error. We can’t afford to lose a single day.

We know the attacks are coming — the Real Estate lobby has opened a PAC supporting my opponent, and the Police Officers Association has opened a PAC with the sole purpose of attacking me.

Bill, you have already donated the $500 maximum and are not legally eligible to contribute further. Will you help us win on election day by encouraging a friend, spouse, or relative to match your contribution today?

Thanks so much for everything you do.
Chesa Boudin

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