I’m helping launch Dissenters, a new anti-militarism youth organization. Will you join me in investing in this exciting new group of leaders?

A team of young organizers from different movement backgrounds has spent the past two years building a new anti-war organization that connects our global and local struggles for freedom from violence, occupation, and war. They spent years researching and strategizing how to build a movement powerful enough to ring in a bright new era of safety and healing. They have a long-term, multi-phase strategy to win, and now I’m excited to help them get it off the ground.

I just donated to their launch. Will you join me as a founding donor? I believe that if we invest in Dissenters, these young people will lead us to a world free from militarism and war.

You can read more and become a founding donor here.

Will you join me? Click here: https://wearedissenters.org/?source=email&


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