Holler if You Hear Me, 1-28 at 6 pm

On the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the dazzling teacher memoir, Holler if you Hear Me by Gregory Michie, please come to the launch of Holler, the comic book edition, on January 28 at 6 pm at Back of the Yards College Prep, 2111 West 47th Street, Chicago. This new book is an innovative reinterpretation of Michie’s original narrative by ten young comic book artists each of whom brings a unique style and sensibility to the project. You will be astonished at the result—I was.Bring family and friends—everybody’s welcome. Meet the artists!
Holler if You Hear Me, the comic book edition! Teachers College Press, NY

Back of the Yards College Prep
2111 W 47th St 

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