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PLEEEZE tell your White Friends to vote for Kim Fox (and to tell their friends to do the same). Tell your White Friends not to be seduced by the subtle (but vicious and, with some white folks, quite effective) ads and the incessant reference to the meaningless and stupid Jussie Smolett case. The law and order maniacs, the police union, the white supremacists hate Kim Fox unreservedly (and for good reason: because she stands for real justice)—don’t link arms with that scummy crowd.

From Fred Klonsky:

Dan Webb represented Bill Gates and Microsoft in the United States v. Microsoft Corp, the New York Stock Exchange as chief counsel in a dispute involving $120 million in compensation paid to their former chairman and CEO Richard Grasso, General Electric in a price-fixing case, Philip Morris in its $300 billion tobacco-related litigation.

His law firm, Winston Strawn, also represents other Fortune 100 corporations including BP, Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, Ernst & Young, Pfizer, and Deloitte.

Lately he has served as Special Prosecutor in the case of Jesse Smollett.

Yesterday, a month before election day for States Attorney, prime-time soap opera actor Jussie Smollett was charged in a indictment by Webb – brought in as a special prosecutor following a media circus and and an organized campaign by the Fraternal Order of Police against States Attorney Kim Foxx.

The indictment of Smollett was sharply critical of our Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx for failing to prosecute Smollett in the first place.

The case of Jussie Smollett has made headlines, frequently overshadowing the far more important story of Kim Foxx and the office of Cook County States Attorney since Foxx took it over.

Nearly one out of every three criminal exonerations in the U.S. last year occurred in Illinois due in large part to a mass exonerations by Foxx in Cook County from cases tied to a disgraced former police sergeant, Reginald Watts.

The cases tied to Watts and his tactical team claimed that those convictions resulted from manufactured drug cases against residents of the Ida B. Wells housing project.

Watts, Chicago police Officer Kallatt Mohammed and other officers would allegedly demand bribes from people they found around the Bronzeville neighborhood housing project. If they didn’t pay up, the cops would plant felony-level drug amounts on them and lie about it under oath.

For the fifth time, the Cook County State’s Attorney has approved mass exonerations for a group of men wrongly convicted of drug crimes connected to Chicago Police Sgt. Ronald Watts.

Yesterday’s headlines were all about Foxx and Smullet, but in a courtroom at 26th and California, Judge LeRoy Martin, Jr. on Tuesday morning approved a motion by attorneys of 12 men to vacate the convictions. Later, these men will file the legal paperwork for certificates of innocence.

They will be joining 62 men and women who have won such certificates under this first-of-its-kind review by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Convictions integrity unit.

Nearly 100 other exonerations are pending.

Foxx personally apologized to the wrongfully convicted men, although none of the improper convictions happened during her administration.

“I think it is important to acknowledge the harm that has caused,” Foxx said.

Foxx has made Cook County the national capital of mass exonerations.


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