Wake up, MAYOR PETE:

I just finished reading Professor Joseph A. Buttigieg’s monumental biography of Antonio Gramsci, author of the dazzling Prison Notebooks, one of the most original and extraordinarily humanistic Marxist thinkers of his time, and head of the Italian Communist Party in the early Twentieth Century. Gramsci died in a Mussolini prison in 1937. Buttigieg’s translations and scholarly work on Gramsci have been praised by Edward Said, Terry Eagleton, Frederic Jameson, Gayatri Spivak, and a host of other Left intellectuals. The more frantic Mayor Pete’s red-baiting of Bernie becomes, the more I think of the life’s work of his late father Joseph, the former William R. Kenan Jr. Professor English at the University of Notre Dame, and how disappointed he would be. Mayor Pete is driving the train way beyond the “Unelectable Myth” deep into the territory of McCarthyite smears. Wake up, Mayor Pete!

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