VOTE EARLY or Vote on March 17 in person!!!

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Cook County Voters,

You have the chance to vote for Cook County State’s Attorney in next Tuesday’s primary and I urge you to vote for KIM FOXX!

She is a woman of great integrity, intelligence, and humanity – she is hard working, thoughtful, and has a deep sense of justice. She has acknowledged making some mistakes with the Jussie Smolett case, but the politics of the case made it difficult to get through that thicket unscathed. And more important, like all of us, she must be judged on the totality of her record. There is no question that Kim Foxx’s office operates with a higher order of fairness and justice than any of the previous administrations — the single most important difference is that each victim and defendant is treated as an individual instead of categorically based on the alleged offense.

Her main opponent is Bill Conway. If for some reason you cannot vote for Kim Foxx look into him closely and do not vote for him. You may be familiar with his name–not because he has experience, dedicated supporters or a clear vision for the office, but because he is able to run unlimited television commercials. His billionaire father, who runs the politically-connected Carlyle Group, is his largest donor and the younger Bill Conway has spent most of his career so far training to follow his father in managing that business — not in understanding weighty issues of crime or justice in Cook County. The Chicago Reporter article below digs into his commercials featuring a young woman he represented—dreadful that he asked one of his clients with an open case to make political ads for him, and it appears that he has an eager willingness to use people to further his public profile.

This is an incredibly important race for Chicago and Cook County. Give Kim another four years to continue her efforts to turn around the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office – it has been and will continue to be an uphill battle and one that she is uniquely qualified to win.

Below are three articles that lay out the case for Kim Foxx:

Why We Can’t Abandon Kim Foxx — the Chicago Reader explains the significance of her reform agenda

Sun-Times editorial board endorsement

Chicago Reporter article explaining Foxx’s record and digging into Bill Conway’s advertisements and history

Jussie Smollett case obscures Kim Foxx’s record and Bill Conway’s conflicts

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