The airlines should be nationalized!

When they make big profits, we lose.
When they lose money, we bail them out—and we lose again. If they need us when it all goes south, they should share when times are flush.
This is why the airlines should be publicly owned and democratically governed.

COVID-19 has exposed a zillion contradictions in the capitalist economy such as health care as a product for making money as opposed to a universal human right, and the collapse of government institutions in the US and most of the capitalist world due to the takeover of all government functions by private institutions bent on maximizing profit and minimizing costs. Now comes a public bailout for private profit.

Airlines are now cutting flights and laying off workers—and coming for massive public relief.

Italy has just renationalized Alitalia Airlines.

People all over the world are demanding public ownership of a public good.

Let’s join the mighty chorus: Nationalize United and American now!

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