On the morning of April 7 we were part of an energizing stealth descent on Cook County Jail—clandestine communications and secret app, coordinated disciplined directions about traffic laws and tactics, several pre-cased assembly spots, a message at 10 am telling us where to meet up, 20 cars in a parking lot at 10:30, windows quickly painted by the tag team with slogans (#FreeThemAll, #MassReleaseNow), rolled out following the lead car (10 mph, flashers on) and arrived at CCJ at 11:00. Like a rolling flash mob, we suddenly multiplied and became hundreds of cars from all different points and directions, blasting our horns and circling the Jail for an hour. The cops took awhile to arrive, and 45 minutes after we started they began to disrupt our loops. Ecstasy—energy, determination, solidarity. JAIL SHOULD NOT BE A DEATH SENTENCE! FREE THEM ALL!!

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