Q Anon

From Peter C:

Whenever I read about QAnon, I think of “Foucault’s Pendulum,” Umberto Eco’s great novel. If you know the story, you know what I mean. Three publishing-company friends decide to invent an occult philosophy, called the “Plan” and loosely based on the Knights Templar, the Cathars, Opus Dei, the Kabbalah, etc., etc. As the Plan gets more detailed and elaborate, it attracts followers (some deranged) as well as attacks (some violent) from already-established cults.

Could QAnon be the same? Some guy decides to start posting as “Q,” a pro-T, high-level, DC insider, to tell people what’s “really” going on – which is that you can understand all recent US history only as the manipulations of an elite, deep-state cabal of Satan-worshipping child molesters, led by the Clintons. If that’s how it began, IMHO, Q could not possibly have imagined how successful he’d be.

I’ve thought of joining one of the Q groups and posting some of my own theories. For instance, I’m convinced that it was an overdose of cocaine and hookers that killed Antonin Scalia in that so-called Arizona “resort.” Also, I’m pretty sure that T and his pal Alan Dershowitz conspired to have Jeremy Epstein killed, to keep him quiet about their involvement with Epstein. Dershowitz called in a favor from OJ, who used his inmate connections to carry out the hit.

Or maybe we could start a new group – “XAnon” – and create our own bats–t crazy analysis of the world today that could compete with QAnon, like the crazy competing cults in Eco’s novel.

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