The Party of white supremacy and reactionary insurrection. by Fred Klonsky

The Party of white supremacy and reactionary insurrection.
by Fred Klonsky

The Republican Party is a white supremacist reactionary insurrectionist Party. Its storm troopers are in the streets outside and inside the capitol. It political representatives sit in the halls of Congress. Its leader is in the White House, momentarily banned from Twitter and Facebook but with his finger still on the nuclear button. His toadies heading the Defense Department and other government agencies.

Hours after the white supremacists in Georgia were defeated by Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Osoff for seats that gave Senate control to the Democrats, Trump gave his storm troopers orders to march on the Capitol and “go wild.”

Some claim elections have consequences.

But not to the white supremacist reactionary insurrectionist party.

They have no interest in elections, because the future of true representative voting does not favor them.

For them the election of Joe Biden by an overwhelming popular majority means nothing more than a call to arms.

For them the election of a Black preacher from Martin Luther King’ s home church and a southern Jew to the Senate from Georgia is the future and a call to go wild.

Four million votes in Georgia in an open and fair election simply provided the excuse to an attempt a coup d’etat.

So far it has failed.

But they are not done.

The white supremacist insurrectionist party organized insurrectionary actions in state capitals across the country.

Springfield included.

In the national Capitol, police opened the barricades to let the insurrectionists in.

Their are videos on the internet of them showing the insurrectionists the way in.

A few dozen were arrested.

Chicago’s head of the Fraternal Order of Police dismissed concerns about the insurrection.

In less than two weeks we may see a new president.

But even if we do, the white supremacist reactionary insurrectionist party and its followers will still be here.

There will be talk of reconciliation. Reaching across the aisle.

That’s all nonsense.

We should be talking about a new Reconstruction.

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