Free David!!!

Emergency Alert!

It’s not too late for Governor Andrew Cuomo to grant executive clemency  

Governor Cuomo, during his final days in office, has the power to grant executive clemency to commute the sentences of people in prison.

At this eleventh hour, he can do this with the stroke of a pen.

We must use these last few days to urge him to take positive action on pending clemency applications: David Gilbert’s but also those of the four other applicants named below.

Here is a way for him to burnish his legacy: to rise above the current political crisis and act with justice and compassion.

We urge Governor Cuomo to use the broad and exclusive executive clemency power to commute the sentences of Jon-Adrian (“JJ”) Velazquez (DIN 00A2303), Bruce Bryant (DIN 96A5569), Paul Clark (DIN 82B1198), David Gilbert (DIN 83A6158), and Greg Mingo (DIN 83A0660), remarkable individuals who have served many years in prison – in some cases, up to 40 years – and who are exemplars of what people can accomplish in our State’s correctional system, as they have dedicated their lives to education, AIDS education and peer counseling, faith, self-improvement, and rehabilitation. Their clemency applications have been thoroughly reviewed by the Governor’s Clemency Bureau.  These candidates present especially compelling and meritorious cases for executive clemency and each enjoys widespread support in a variety of constituencies.



Call the Albany Executive Chamber: 1 518-474-8390  x 3, then x 1 to leave a message

Call the NYC Executive Chamber:  1 212-681-4580  and leave a message

Send emails to:

FAX: 518-486-9749

On the website,, there is a form to send a message to the Governor.  We suggest you choose the category Criminal Justice.

If you have questions, please write to


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