Malik Alim

Malik Alim, my friend and comrade, and for the last year my co-conspirator on the Under the Tree podcast, died Friday morning in a boating accident at Fox Lake, Illinois. We join his family and his comrades at the #LetUsBreathe collective, Chicago Votes, the Chicago Community Bond Fund, and the larger BLM and progressive movement in mourning this tragic loss to our community and the world. 

Some details are sketchy, but this is what I think I know at this moment: The accident occurred August 20 around 10 am. His two small children were with him on a tube being towed by a power boat when the tube flipped over. The kids had life jackets on and popped up—and they weren’t physically hurt. Malik never surfaced. Kristiana Colon, his partner,  was in the boat and went into the water for the kids. Malik’s body was recovered Sunday morning.

Malik, 28-years-old, was an inspirational organizer and activist, a spark of energy and hope. 

I wanted you to know.

I am completely heart-broken.

Rest in power, dear Malik Alim.

Light and Love, and hold one another closer tonight, Bill

~~Under the Tree is, of course, suspended for now. We will plant a tree in Chicago in his memory as a gathering place to reflect on the work he did, and the work ahead. You can hear Malik Alim on most Episodes, but Episode # 38 (“Haiti on my Mind”) is the one we co-authored, and the inspiration for a lot of planning, including future Episodes and a trip to Haiti with Walter Riley. Listen to that one. Also listen to Episode # 15 (“Revolution is a Curatorial Act”) featuring Kristiana Rae Colon.

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