UNDER the TREE: a seminar on freedom RETURNS

42) Transition: Malik Alim

Malik Alim, 28-years-old, an inspirational organizer and activist, a spark of energy and hope for me and countless others, died in a dreadful accident on August 20, 2021, and we’ve been grieving this tragedy ever since—an unfathomable loss to his family, to our community and to the world. With Malik’s death, we suspended Under the Tree, and now, after several months and with the encouragement of his partner, Kristiana Colon, and with the wise guidance and support of Damon Williams and Daniel Kisslinger from AirGo, we’re re-launching. Today’s Episode—# 42—is called TRANSITION, and it’s devoted entirely to remembering Malik. And FYI, you can hear Malik Alim on most Episodes of the pod, but Episode # 38 (“Haiti on my Mind”) is one that we co-authored, and the inspiration for a lot of planning, including future Episodes and a trip to Haiti, and Episode # 15 (“Revolution is a Curatorial Act”) features Kristiana Rae Colon.

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