Chesa and the Fight for Criminal/Legal Change


Please Listen Up!

The lavishly-funded effort to recall San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin aims to turn back a successful effort to reimagine and begin to repair our broken, racist criminal legal system.

The tide of propaganda—lies, distortions, disinformation, and spin—breaking over Chesa from every corner now is breath-taking, and if unanswered, it takes a toll on both him and the movement. The San Francisco Chronicle, to take his most persistent detractor, publishes falsehoods, smears, innuendo, and deception week after week, without even a nod toward fact-checking. So, while it may be transparent fabrication to me (or to you), that doesn’t mean that it’s ineffective, nor that it will be unsuccessful.

The resources deployed against Chesa and the national criminal legal reform movement are based largely in the die-hard police unions and associations, the punishment bureaucracy, and far right-wing ideologues like billionaire Republican mega-donor William Oberndorf who just put $602,722 into the effort to recall Boudin.

There’s work to do—and hoping for the best is insufficient.

Among the things we can each do now is to gather the necessary resources to help the movement resist the assault. I’m asking you along with a handful of friends and family—whether you’ve donated in the past or not—to go to  before February 28 and give $1000.00 (or more!!!). I know that’s a heavy lift, but this moment requires a lot of sacrifice and a lot of heavy-lifting.

We typically give a small amount when asked to donate to worthy work by good people—I imagine you do something similar, with a standard limit and a generous spirit. And we almost never give to politicians (OK, as you no-doubt remember, we departed from that many years ago and donated $200 to the first campaign of an unknown, but brilliant and ambitious Chicago neighbor) because we prefer to help grass-roots groups, and to support fire-from-below.

But the situation with Chesa is different—he’s not a politician running for office, but rather a leading actor in the criminal legal reform movement. This is why the reactionary, racist class has him in their sites—by their calculation, if they can knock him off, they can derail the fight for no cash-bail, decarceration, pursuing white collar criminals, radically different budget priorities, and more.

I just did the math—I have 5000 “friends” on this criminal enterprise called Facebook; many of you are also my friends and comrades, brothers and sisters, for real. if  every one of my “friends” gave $1000 we would have gathered $5,000,000, and if each of my comrades gave $100 we would still have $50,000. So please do it now: go to before February 28 and give $1000.00.

A thousand thank yous.

Joy and Justice,  Bill

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