Please help us reach out to many, many more people—potential donors, of course, but mostly San Francisco voters—to stop the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

This recall effort is riding on a wave of right-wing fueled recall elections, especially in CA (governor; SF school board, LA DA).

It’s being bankrolled by out-of-state Republican money (primary one man who also funds Mitch McConnell’s agenda), and they have already spent over $1.4 million just to get it on the ballot.

Despite the recall’s talking points, this is a Republican effort—the recall is endorsed by the SF Republican Party, while the Democratic Party has taken a stand against it.

Conservative, establishment interests are threatened by the groundbreaking criminal legal reforms that Chesa Boudin is implementing, and they are investing millions to overturn the will of San Francisco voters, who resoundingly elected him in 2019.

During his short time in office Chesa has already followed through on the campaign promises that got him elected. Some of his many accomplishments:

~~Ended cash bail, a classist policy that allowed the wealthy to buy their freedom while others languished behind bars

~~Reduced the juvenile jail population by over 50%

~~Created an independent innocence commission to ensure that no innocent people remain wrongfully incarcerated

~~Held police accountable: bringing charges against the officer who shot and killed Kieta O’Neill; the first time in generations that charges have been brought against an on-duty police officer.

~~Increasing public safety while making our criminal legal system more just for all San Franciscans—since taking office in 2020, crime in the city has decreased in almost every major category.

Because of this success, the Republican PACs behind the recall effort will continue to spend millions on their campaign from now until the June 7th election in an attempt to overturn the will of the people and take the city backwards. And right now we are at a massive fundraising disadvantage. We need our supporters to give what they can now so that  our campaign can be successful in June, and we will be able to continue doing the work to make SF safer and more just. In this heated fight, we will need to reach every voter in San Francisco, to educate them about the work Chesa is doing, and overcome the false narrative of fear-mongering being pushed by the big money opposition. Every dollar that we raise now will help us reach more voters.

G to for more information, to get involved in the campaign, and to donate: 



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