From Mike Klonsky

To: Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Command.
With all due respect, General, are you f…king nuts?

At the Pentagon presser yesterday, You were asked by a reporter if extraterrestrials might be involved in the airforce’s downing of the four “objects” this week. You responded that he would leave that to intelligence agencies to address but that “I haven’t ruled anything out.”

Haven’t ruled it out? Really? May I point out a few things to you, sir?

If indeed the “cylinder”, and the “octagon thingy with “strings hanging off it” did belong to ETs visiting us from another galaxy, far far away, why in the world would you want to shoot them down when we have so much to learn from them?

Given their technological skills required to get to Planet Earth light years away, did you really believe your F-15s would be a match for them in a dogfight? Even if Tom (“Top Gun”) Cruise himself was behind the joy stick?

Are you really a top general in the Air Force? (Scary)

As for the Pentagons, octagons and cylinders…is there actually some kind of geometric symbolism (code language) going on here? What’s next, a shootdown of a rhombus?

Given all the Pentagon, State Department, and White House buffoonery over balloon-gate in the past week, not to mention the possibility of an ET/China/Russia united front against the US, it may be time to reconsider the next war. Don’t you think, sir?

I await your reply.



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