Those Who Start Wars Never Fight Them

And those who fight wars never like them….Spearhead

One Response to Those Who Start Wars Never Fight Them

  1. Kent Woodbury says:

    Do you remember the days after Truman fired McCarther? On the east side of Detroit where I grew up, every mention of his name at the “news reals” in the movies drew a tremendous boo. McCarther wanted to finish off the Chinese Communist, persue them into china and use nuclear force as necessary, so Truman fired him, which is the constitutional right of the commander in Chief. The following election we elected Gen. Ike who left office warning us of the military industrial complex. The only constitutional means of regulating this is through the congress who can control the money. This is constitutional government which his excellency does not appreciate.
    I just watched movie re:Weather Underground. It reminded me of our days in Ann Arbor and the School board election. I checked this site and found how you have even more to say about education now that you are a professional educator. I left regular education in June of 1970, emotionally unable to even stand the smell of the buildings.

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