Big News!!!

A Pentagon study reveals that young people who experience combat for extended periods find their mental health at great risk. DUH!

Viet Nam vets still suffer from PTSD and other mental illnesses, and now a fresh batch for the slaughter and the misery that follows being made into a killing thing.

These old men who order kids to war are criminals and should be  impeached and taken out of civilized society.

One Response to Big News!!!

  1. Kilroy says:

    Oh you aged whatever you call yourselves now — radicals? former weatherman? –make me heave. It’s only because the country was exhausted by years of civil strife that you were excused from serving jail time, which you should have done. And I’m not a member of any category that you would recognize.

    This is a different war. Others advocated post-Vietnam a volunteer military, the outcome of which will likely prove to be a failure. A few facts: the majority of those being sent to war are volunteers, not drafted. More West Point graduates have been killed in this war than previous.

    The Old Men you refer to are likely to be younger than you are now. How old are you now? Your post sounds like the twenty-something would-be revolutionary you once were. You are no longer that. Had you listened to the NPR (by the way, many conservatives consider that to be a very liberal organization) this afternoon, you could have heard about advances in medical treatments of traumatic brain injury — suffered by those who were injured by improvised explosive devices — oh, yeah, that’s right. That’s what you and your friends were using as your form of democratic expression. I think cowardice lives in those who perform and plan terrorist acts, as you did. I see little evidence that you have modified your views on life, and on what personal injury your actions may have caused.

    So bored by you and aging hippies trying to hone in on Vietnam parallels. I was in NYC on 9/11; while I don’t agree with the war in Iraq, it’s changed my mind about terrorists and how to deal with them.

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