On the back pages: US troops killed dozens of unarmed and innocent civilians, including children and babies, in Haditha, Iraq in 2005, and  a military officer is on trial charged with “dereliction of duty;” and in Afghanistan an army commander apologized to the families of 19 people massacred by Marines in March on a crowded roadway, and paid them $2000 per death. It’s tough being the cops of the world– “we mean well, and we come in peace…” and then all this killing. Bam, bam.

One Response to WAR NEWS

  1. Hi there–just wanted to announce the MLG Institute to you, which will be held at UIC in June. The program is listed under “Day 90” of my blog. Thought you might be interested and/or might know other people who might be interested in attending.

    I enjoy reading you, by the way.



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