The prewarUS goal (!!) of three million barrels of Iraqui oil production a day has never come close, and now a new government report estimates that between $5 and $15 million dollars a day of declared oil production has gone missing over the four years of occupation. Billions in theft and graft. Like we don’t know.

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  1. Carl Olson says:

    Dear Mr. Ayers:

    You missed the elephant in the room about the current high $60 prices per barrel of oil versus the $20 prices in 2002.
    The major cause is the U. S. government itself actively helping the cartel OPEC and its allies.
    You know that when the U. S. government occupied Iraq in March 2003, it took over all the functions of the government, including the membership in OPEC. The US/Iraq delegate to OPEC has always voted for the price-raising oil production cutbacks.
    You may also know that the U. S. government in Iraq has contributed to these cutbacks by reducing the oil production from the pre-invasion level of 3 million barrels per day to the current level of less than 2 million. This is unwarranted help for the worldwide oil cartel.
    The antitrust laws need to be amended to prevent the U.S. government from helping any cartel anywhere in the world, including OPEC and its allies. Without this cartel enforcement by the U. S. government, the price of oil will fall precipitously.
    Congress needs to investigate. The antitrust laws need to be amended.
    State Department Watch is a nonpartisan foreign policy watchdog group.


    Carl Olson
    State Department Watch
    P. O. Box 6102
    Woodland Hills, California 91365

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