Pro-war, Anti-war…

The cowardly Democratic Party, one of the two major pro-imperialist parties in the US,  collapsed in the face of executive opposition to its wimpy time-table-for-withdrawal. The Democrats woofed noisily about the responsibility of the so-called Iraqi government, insisting that it step up and play its puppet  role more perfectly, and then settled back into their comfortable and customary scold-and-whine position. All the bluster might provide  (they hope) a little needed cover for the betrayal.

Billions more down the drain of war and conquest, murder, rape, torture, and theft. Bush wins, and the predictable result: no justice and no peace—unpopular power trumps popular will.

Let’s keep working for the day he’ll be held to answer as a war criminal. A day of both justice and peace.

2 Responses to Pro-war, Anti-war…

  1. Justin says:

    Billions more down the drain and a push for the “hydrocarbon” law as a benchmark for Iraqis to meet even though that actually gives Iraqi oil to private oil companies.

    The usual suspects profit from this bill and the Dem candidates get to claim they voted against it. How did it even make it to the floor?

  2. Ash-Lee says:

    I’m sure you heard about the passing of James Earl Chaney’s mother, Fannie Lee. She would be glad to know that there are people in the world actively fighting to make this world a peaceful place where all people are considered to be equal. You are definitely one of those people. Thanks for your service.

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