from John Carroll’s column, SF Chronicle, October 31

In San Diego County, many homes were burned that had been built on the sites of old fires. Why? Well, fire or not, it’s still a pretty location out there in the woods. Besides, the rebuilders already owned the land. Why worry? Maybe fires are just nature’s way of saying that you have too much junk. In any case, the county officials have made it clear that under no circumstances do they want to discourage growth in their area.

Besides, hardly anyone died. Oh, there were those four charred bodies of what CNN called “illegal immigrants.” Can you still be illegal when you’re dead? And, besides, how did CNN even know they were immigrants – except in the sense, I suppose, that we are all immigrants? Does CSI have some sort of immigrant test? “That’s a positive, boss – we found illegal-immigrant DNA on their clothes.” I understand that the place the bodies were found was suggestive, but couldn’t we just give it a rest? They’re dead, for God’s sake – they will not be seeking employment.

So the situation, as I understand it, is this: Let’s build a great big wall to keep the Mexicans out, but let’s not under any circumstances build a fire break.

One Response to Illegals

  1. Mike says:

    I assume you support open borders for any third worlder who wants to come to America?
    Also, do you support open borders for those desperate to escape the workers paradises of Cuba and North Korea that you labored so hard to bring to North America

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